Operation Info


Operation room at Fertility center of CHA medical center is a place where oocyte retrieval, embryo transplantation, male infertility and other procedures associated with infertility are performed. This is a place to begin a birth of new life. Our professional staff members will try to support patients on the basis of concept of healing of both body and mind by providing an operation room for relaxing along with the psychological aspects of supports.

1. Surgery information

  • The treatment will be conducted under anesthetic condition and the procedure takes about 20~30 minutes and 1~2 hours of recovery time. Patients may leave the operation room after the full recovery from anesthesia.

2. Preparation required before the treatment

  • Do not eat or drink the night before the oocyte retrieval day. (after midnight)
  • Do not wear make up, nail polish, contact lens and other valuables. Also, driving after the treatment is prohibited due to the anesthetic condition. (Please accompany with a guardian)
  • Submit consent forms related to the treatment before the procedure.

3. Cautions after surgery

  • Avoid an excessive exercises and take care of the body for one week after the surgery.
  • Take only showers for a week and a bath after two weeks of the surgery. (please do not wash inner part of vagina)
  • Avoid sexual relation for three weeks after the surgery.
  • Please consult a doctor if there is an excessive menstrual bleeding, fever or abdominal pain.
  • If the doctor’s instructions are not followed then complications may arise and also infertility in future.