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Operation room at Fertility center of CHA medical center is a place where oocyte retrieval, embryo transplantation, male infertility and other procedures associated with infertility are performed. This is a place to begin a birth of new life. Our professional staff members will try to support patients on the basis of concept of healing of both body and mind by providing an operation room for relaxing along with the psychological aspects of supports.

1. Embryo Transfer information

  • Embryo transfer will be carried out between 2~5 days after oocyte retrieval. Embryo will be transplanted in the endometrium by using ultrasound.
  • Transplantation will be conducted without anesthesia but under the influence of a tranquilizer and this procedure terminates within 10minutes.
  • Required 1~2 hours of recovery time after embryo transfer and then the patinent may leave the clinic.
  • Carries out a blood test at 11~13 days after embryo transfer for the confirmation of pregnancy.

2. Preparation required before embryo transfer

  • Take prescribed injections /vaginal tablets as instructed.
  • Bring the instructions and prescribed injection/vaginal tablets to the clinic on the embryo transfer day.
  • An additional payment may arise due to extra treatments during the process of oocyte fertilization and embryo culture.

3. Cautions after embryo transfer

  • Pregnancy confirmation will be done on 11~13days after embryo transfer
  • Taking a shower, going to toilet and other simple daily life are possible; however, please avoid sauna, bath, excessive exercises or sexual intercourse after the treatment.
  • Take prescribed injection/vaginal tablets continuously as instructed.
  • Driving after the procedure is prohibited.
  • Hospitalization may not be available after the treatment if there is no vacancy.
  • Please visit the clinic if there is a symptom of super ovulation or ascites

4. Time for pregnancy test

  • Weekdays: before 9:00am (collect blood sample) → result will be out at12:00pm (Saturday: before 8:30am)
  • 9:00am ~12:00pm (collect blood sample) → result will be out at 4:00pm
  • 12:30pm~5:00pm (collect blood sample) → result will be out on the next day at 12:00PM