Privacy policy

1. Purpose of collecting the personal information: To arrange appropriate consultation and/or treatment plan.
2. Information that will be collected:Required: Name, gender, date of birth, Nationality, contact number, e-mail address,
    Korea National Health Insurance holder or not.
    Optional: Any additional information you would like to include.
3. Period of the personal information storage: Until completion of all tasks that are associated with inquery.
    * If the patients are related to customer complaints and dispute settlement, personal information will be stored for 3 years.
     (in accordance with the law related to Consumer Protection Act in e-commerce)
4. You can agree or disagree with collecting your personal information. If you disagree, you will be able to receive online
    consultation but will be limited.
    (if you do not input the minimum amount required of personal data that are needed for the consultation, you cannot receive
     any consulation.)

Do you agree with collecting your personal information?
I agree I disagree

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