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Operation room at Fertility center of CHA medical center is a place where oocyte retrieval, embryo transplantation, male infertility and other procedures associated with infertility are performed. This is a place to begin a birth of new life. Our professional staff members will try to support patients on the basis of concept of healing of both body and mind by providing an operation room for relaxing along with the psychological aspects of supports.

1. Treatment information

  • After 15~20 weeks of pregnancy, collect the amniotic fluid sample will be collected for cell culture and test it for the karyotype analysis. The test result will take about 15days to be released and it is a safe method since the fetal loss is about 0.5% or less.

2. Preparation before amniocentesis

  • Does not require any special preparation.
  • Does not need an anesthesia or fasting.
  • May need a hospitalization after the treatment.

3. Cautions after amniocentesis

  • On the day of test, lie down and have a rest. Avoid an excessive exercise, sexual intercourse or use of tampons for a few days.
  • Rarely, premature rupture of membranes, preterm labor, miscarriage, intrauterine bleeding, vaginal bleeding, maternal and fetal damage and infection may occur.
  • Follow-up of fetal is required depending on the doctor’s instruction. (Test result can be confirmed at the outpatient clinic after 15days)