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Operation room at Fertility center of CHA medical center is a place where oocyte retrieval, embryo transplantation, male infertility and other procedures associated with infertility are performed. This is a place to begin a birth of new life. Our professional staff members will try to support patients on the basis of concept of healing of both body and mind by providing an operation room for relaxing along with the psychological aspects of supports.

1. Before the operation

  • For the regular operation, it starts from 8am and surgery will be performed according to the appointed schedule.
  • Surgery Consultation: Greeted at the entrance to the operation room and will check the patient's preparation check lists and explanation of procedure and instructions will be provided.
  • Patient's guardians will be waiting in the waiting area. The progression of the surgery can be reviewed before, during and after surgery on the dashboards.

2. During the operation

  • Oocyte retrieval room: After superovulation, mature oocytes are retrieved with an oocyte retrieval needle by using a transvagi al ultrasound.
  • Other room: Male infertility and other fertility-related procedures are performed.
  • Embryo transfer room: Fertilized embryos are cultured for 2~5days and then developed embryos are transferred into uterus. After the procedure, the patient will be stabilized for an hour at a comfortable and relaxing space. Nurses will explain any cautions that need to be taken after the procedure and will try to answer any questions regarding the procedures with professional knowledge.
  • Monitors and tools for anesthesia are checked everyday. Check the test result and prepare anesthetic drugs for patients. Administration of anesthetic drugs is performed by a registered anesthetist and patients condition is intensively monitored during the surgery.

3. After the operation

  • Recovery room: It requires about 1~2 hours to recover from anesthesia after the surgery. After the recovery the patient can be transfer to the ward or may leave the clinic and return home.