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Foundation info

Foundation info

Our Vision

  • Global Healthcare Enterprise – Network of acute-care hospitals worldwide
  • Multidisciplinary Research Institute – Focused on research, innovation & advancement in biomedicine & biotechnology
  • Education & Training – Raise up future medical leaders and healthcare professionals

Our Value

  • CLINICAL EXCELLENCE: High-Quality, Advanced Comprehensive & Complementary Medicine
  • HUMANISM: Patient-Centered Delivery of Care & Service
  • ACADEMIA: Grounded in Research & Education

Our vision is to establish a global healthcare enterprise, the first of its kind, comprised of a network of acute-care hospitals worldwide offering advanced clinical and patient services of the highest standard supported by a multidisciplinary research institute focused on research, innovation and advancement in biomedicine and biotechnology and committed to education and training to raise up future medical leaders and healthcare professionals.

Our organization is committed to our values – clinical excellence, humanism and academia – which are reflected in our business approach that is focused on high-quality, patient-centered delivery of healthcare which is grounded in research and education.

Our unique business model is both interdisciplinary and integrative in operation and approach enabling us to be well-positioned to take our scientific technology from “bench-to-bedside”– development to clinical application to commercial development – at any time.