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Why we are different

'7 strengths of CHA Fertility Center in Seoul, the world-wide Mecca for Fertility and reproductive medical science'

1strength The highest In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) success rates in the area with the best facility.
2strength The nation’s leading surgical operation and treatment hospital for male infertility.
3strength The excellent medical care service supported by the world-widely selected medicine for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).
4strength Kind counseling with personalized attention to the patients like family and high quality medical care service.
5strength Winning awards from diverse international scientific meetings for outstanding research results.
6strength The centralized media reports and articles from the major mass communication and publication such as 'Time' and 'People'.
7strength The Fertility treatment with new concept linked to the stem cell treatment research as well as the molecular genetics research for patients with idiopathic infertility.